Staring at your reflection in the mirror, your sparse eyebrows stare back. Reflecting, you casually think, "hmm, I don't hate my eyebrows...yet something is missing, like a thickness that reflects the fullness of my personality." Microshading may be the option for you. Microshading is an art where tiny dots are tattooed to add thickness to your eyebrows. Many people think about Microblading when they want to make their eyebrows fuller, but don't fall into the trap of believing this is your only option. Many people shy away from micro-blading because of the horror stories heard and speculated from others. Never fear! Microshading is here! Here to give you the eyebrows you desire with careful consideration. microshading is a great option for someone with oily or sensitive skin.  Urban You will help you decide which eyebrow service is right for you. Call today!