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Nicole Gregory, CEO

Several years ago, while traveling, Urban You's CEO Nicole found that finding a place to go to get beauty needs met was nearly impossible unless you knew of local beauty artisans; hair, brows, make-up, nails and medical spa services. With the use of our friend Google, she discovered a few places that met her needs. She quickly took a few of the best, decided that all women, Urban Women, someone who is confident, carefree and curious about beauty, had the same need.  Urban You was born with all women in mind. Taking beauty artisans, the newest trends in beauty, technology, clean and sanitary, affordable pricing and making a great experience for the client is our mission. 

Her love for business and finding gaps in the market are what keep her going each day.  Empowering women in all they do, is a passion. Urban You has opened her eyes to the softness and beauty that we all have inside of us. Square edges, turned round. The opportunity to really open up to yourself and ask “who am I”? Being an entrepreneur in technology for 20 plus years has put her in situations where she wondered, “how did I get to the table”.  Looking deep into herself she realized, hard work, focus and taking “no” as an opportunity. Urban You wants to empower you to find out the real you, under all those layers and facades.  Who are you? You deserve to be at the table and also to build your own table.  


Barbra Homier, CFO

A perfectionist by nature, Barbra believes in opportunities and challenges that require her to reach past her fear of failure. Urban You is her opportunity and challenge.  She is willing to push past her feelings of self-doubt (like the Urban You woman) and simply believe in herself.  Believe in what is possible.  Being a full time attorney, wife and mother of three children takes what seems to be every minute of every day.  Despite the craziness of her life, when presented with an opportunity that challenges her fear, she chose to embrace the fear and move forward.  The Urban You experience is not one that is easily translated.  It represents something different for each woman.  For Barbra, it is empowerment.  After you have given yourself a few moments that are solely for yourself -- not your work, not your spouse, not your children -- there will be nothing that you cannot accomplish.  Stop the self-doubt.  Conquer your fear.  Take the leap of faith.

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