Skin Labbing


Labbing lets YOU make a skincare formula specifically made for YOUR skin. It's fun and exciting because you get to discuss all of your skincare concerns, whether it is about your blemishes or any insecurities you may have about your skin. Afterwards, you will get a customized skincare product that is formulated specifically just for YOU and treat what you want to change about your skin. These formulas are made by you and Urban You in collaboration with Pflum Goodness.

For more information, You can directly contact the Pflum Goodness with any concerns. The idea of labbing is really fun and completely customizable to you. The custom solutions for your skin’s unique needs are designed by experienced and skilled pharmacists and medical aestheticians with you to ensure you are treating what your skin needs. Some people may try everything but still no drugstore product is custom for your skin like labbing. If you want to learn more, attend our class with Pflum Goodness on August 22nd, click the link below to sign up!

Intern Urban You