Bridal Beauty Day Trends 2018

From eyelashes and spray tans to nervous excitement and laugher, The Urban You has a plan to prep your hair and body for your picture-perfect wedding day. 

Bridal and Wedding Day Photoshoot For The urban you

For the Bride...

The Urban You is excited to offer many different options for Brides in 2018. Call The Urban You today to schedule your wedding day appointments with us to get the perfect, urban look that represents who YOU are. We know that planning a wedding has stressful aspects, so while you call and schedule your wedding day appointments, schedule a Hydra Facial this week to de-stress and relax- we have the beauty in our hands. 

Wedding Day Hair and Makeup

Updo or down styled curls? Our hairstylists will let YOU make that choice. 

Skin Prep

Flawless skin is a wedding day essential. However, we understand that breakouts and pimples are undeniable. If your skin needs a cleanse, come into the Urban You for a chemical peel - our medical professionals will help you find the perfect peel for your skin type. 


The Urban You has the latest trends in nails nd currently we are loving the new Dip Nails we offer. Come in a few days before your wedding day and we can set you up with the perfect manicure.

For the Bridesmaids...

Your bridesmaid ladies are important to us too! Make sure you pamper them with the perfect hair, nails, and skin for a unifying gorgeousness on your wedding day. Call The Urban You today and we can make it a date! You and your bridesmaids can get anything done together from nails and hair to spray tannning and lashes. We can make everyone beautiful for your wedding day. 

Don't Forget the Groom...

Of course we can't forget the groom when we talk about wedding day preparations. The groom can come into the Urban You for skin prep and haircare. Make sure to add him when you call and book!

The pictures and memories of your wedding day will last a lifetime, and we want to help you look and feel your best. Save this Wedding Day Urban You Guide and share it with your future to be brides so we can share the love of beauty!