Trending Bridal Dresses 2018

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Brides hold a special place in our heart at the Urban You. In this post, the newest bridal dress trends of 2018 will be highlighted for your big day. Understanding that there are countless websites listing off random bridal dress trends, we have condensed the list into a small collection of our trendy favorites. Here are our top three bridal dress fashion trends of 2018:

wedding day dress

1. Hint of color

The beautiful purity of a white dress will most likely never go out of style, but the new bridal dress trend that allows a hint of color, has us wishing we were shopping for a dress ourselves. Subtle accents of color on your wedding dress may be the perfect place to make a statement: one that says you're not afraid to branch out and try new things even on the most memorible day of your life.

wedding day dress

2. Belts

Accentuating your waist with a tight wedding-dress-midsection has always been a popular style. This loved dress style had us wondering what could be better? The answer is a belt. Our favorite type of wedding belt is the kind that has a sparkle statement piece showing off your unique dimamond studded beauty while symbolizing a priceless discovery of the love of your life.

wedding day dress

3. New Necklines

Necklines are universally loved for their individual fitting to the bride's upper body. This is why we encourage brides to try on and explore different styles of necklines while dress shopping. Our personal favorite is this off-the-shoulder lace look. Unique for its combination of lace and gorgeous neckline, we think it is the perfect way to be both traditional and trendy.

These are the Urban YOU's favorite dress looks for June 2018, keep up with our new series of Bridal Updates to stay updated on what is trending for Brides.