Bridal Shoe Trends 2018

Urban You Bridal Photo shoot shoe trends

The latest in Bridal shoe trends expands from Christian Louboutin spiked statement heels to simple Calvin Klein styled simple pink heels. The Urban You is obsessed with these latest trends and in this blog post, we will share our secret favorite picks with you.

1. Christian Louboutin


Christian Louboutin shoes are the perfect wedding day shoes to make a statement!

These Christian Louboutins are at the top of our list. Their one-of-a-kind sassy spikes and red base have the power to elevate any simple wedding dress and own the aisle.

These are very cute pink heels- very subtle and soft

We know that Louboutins are not everyone's wedding day style. Looking into simpler shoes, we found these simple, yet sweet heels by Calvin Klein. They are perfectly simple and elegant. 

Gold shoes for your wedding day- super suede and fashion forward

Maybe you're thinking that the pink shoes were a bit too simple? Well, The Urban You found the perfect middle ground: gold laced, pink suede, red-backed heels. We couldn't tell you the brand for this one, but we're sure that any similar style to this one will leave grinning from your wedding shoe picks.

Subtle Glitter Wedding Day Heels

Stepping away from color shoes, we find these elegantly embroidered low heels. We image a lace dress with nude undertones. Personally, this is our favorite pair. 

tall fashion forward wedding day shoes

This pair of heels targets two kinds of brides: the statement kind and the simple kind. Elevated, yet still holding a simplistic color tone and lace, this pair is the perfect combination of all the shoes.

Let us know which pair you liked best!