Lash Lift and Tint


What is it?
Eyelashes tend to be a focal point in most people’s appearances. Lash Lifting and Tinting is a low maintenance, more natural way of giving your eyelashes a more significant appearance. A soft rod is using to help curl your lashes at the base. Combined with a tint a few shades darker than your natural color, lifting and tinted can help your lashes appear much longer than they were originally.

How does it work?

It is similar to how a perm is done on the hair shaft without all the chemicals and smells. A soft rod is placed on the eye, and lashes are combed onto the rod. The perming solution is added to the eyelashes, and once the solution has processed and set, the tint is applied afterwards.

What is the process?

  1. Eyelashes are cleaned thoroughly to make sure there is no residue left on your eyelashes.

  2. An under eye gel patch gets placed on your lower lashes to avoid the lower lashes being curled up with the upper lashes.

  3. Silicone pads are placed on each eyelid above upper lashes. This is used to hold the eyelashes into place while the perm solution is added to the eyelashes.

  4. The perming solution is applied to the base to mid section of the lashes and then are let to sit for 10-15 min.

  5. Setting lotion is applied in the same manner the perming lotion was applied. Are let sit for another 10 min.

  6. The lash tint is added as one of the final steps in the process.

  7. The final step is adding a nourishing cleanser to wipe excess away. After letting sit for a few minutes the lashes should be easily unattached from the silicone shield.

The process of getting your eyelashes lifted and tinted.


Do not use water, cleansing product or makeup for 24 hours following your service. Avoid excessive heat for 48 hours.

You should no longer use a lash curler, as it may cause damage to your natural lash.

Mascara can be worn after the first 24 hours, but waterproof mascara is discouraged.

How long does it take?
Approximately 45 minutes

How long does it last?
About 6-8 weeks