Humans of Urban You #9

We are pleased to introduce to you, Briana Tobias!

UY: Describe yourself in three words:
B: To describe myself in three words I’d say I am passionate, knowledgeable, and sociable.

Briana is a CoolSculpting Technician and Medical Aesthetician at Urban You.

Briana is a CoolSculpting Technician and Medical Aesthetician at Urban You.

How long have you worked in the beauty industry? What is your background?

I’ve been a medical aesthetician for a little over two years now. After I graduated aesthetic school, I went to the National Laser Institute to be certified in laser aesthetics . As I started off in laser aesthetics, I started to specialize in body contouring. Now, I am so excited that I am able to take those skills and use them at Urban You as the Coolsculpting technician! I also love providing the many different facials we offer here at Urban You!

How has joining the team at Urban You changed your life? What do you love most about your job?
I was incredibly grateful to have been given the opportunity to attend CoolSculpting University to further advance my body contouring knowledge. At the university I met with doctors, nurses, and medical esthetician’s from all over the country and learned tips and tricks to give the best experience to my guests.

Following the university, I came back with so many ideas and excitement to work with my clients on different ways we can give them life changing results! It has always been one of my passions to make people feel beautiful in their own skin, as I too have been through the struggle of insecurities with my body, just like everyone does. But I strive to help my clients overcome those struggles and fall in love with themselves. Whether it’s skin, body contouring or even just their mindset, my number one goal is to make my clients feel beautiful from when they walk into my door, to when they leave! 

(Know someone who might want to join our team? We’re currently hiring for our Northville location!)

What are your favorite services to get done at Urban You?
My favorite service is definitely a chemical peel or and OxyGeneo facial! Oh and of course Botox and filler :)

Which service haven't you tried that you want to?
I really would love to try microblading or the AQUAGOLD facial.

Which skincare products/ingredients could you NEVER live without?
My favorite skin care products that I couldn’t live without would for sure have to be HA5 by SkinMedica and Alpharet Overnight Cream by SkinBetter. (You can purchase both of these products from Urban You!)

Do you have any skin care tips/tricks?
ALWAYS wash your face morning and night. Make sure you have a good skin care routine. Cutting out dairy can do amazing things for your skin! DON’T EVER USE BAR SOAP TO WASH YOUR FACE. Exfoliate and do a mask at least once a week :)

What is a quote/lesson you live by?
Quote I live by would be “Never Settle”, because you should never stop pushing yourself and bettering yourself and expanding your mind. Never allow yourself to settle because you are comfortable. Always keep pushing for more!


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