what is microblading?

An enhancement to your natural brows.

Microblading is performed with a hand-held tool with micro-needles grouped together allowing the professional to create fine incisions and manually deposit pigment into the upper region of the skin.

Our Brow Specialist, Katie has been licensed in cosmetology for 10 years and has been certified in microblading for over a year and a half. Katie is also certified in saline removals and in permanent makeup, where she can do powder brows, ombre brows, or shading for anyone that wants to elevate their microblading experience. She specializes in microblading corrections. Katie loves microblading because she loves to make people feel good and happy about themselves.

microblading pricing


Starting at $600*

*Save $50 when you pay for your Microblading session in full after your free consult.

Recommended Annual Touchup ⇢ $150+

Additional Shading  ⇢ $350+

Microblading Removal ⇢ $80+


Please read our  before-care & after-care documentation
prior to booking your Microblading consultation/ appointment at Urban You - Beauty Bar.

*touchup must be scheduled within 4-6 weeks of initial session

frequently asked questions

Does it hurt?
Microblading is relatively painless. You might feel a slight discomfort, but usually a topical anesthetic is applied. Pain tolerances vary person to person

How many appointments are needed?
Microblading is a multi- step process and you shouldn’t expect to see full results after one session. A touch up appointment should be scheduled four to six weeks post treatment to achieve your desired brow. This is included in your initial cost.

What’s the biggest difference from the traditional tattoo?
The technique is done without the use of a machine. Hair strokes are imitated by manually depositing pigment and creating natural brows by following natural growth patterns.

What is the Pigment?
The pigment we use is free of metals and with the industry evolving and in high demand , certified , approved pigments for cosmetic us are specifically formulated for the face and skin.

Can you remove microbladed eyebrows?
Yes, we do offer Microblading removal services. The number of sessions needed to remove microbladed brows may vary depending on how they heal and how deep the initial microblading was to begin with.

What is the process for removing microbladed brows?
Saline removal is a process of removing unwanted pigment or tones out from under the skin through various sessions so that we can safely lift out the pigment and allow proper healing so we can properly microblade your dream brows.

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