Why should I get a chemical peel?

1. They Reverse the Signs of Aging
Chemical peels diminish fine lines, textural issues, and mild hyperpigmentation to severe melasma. For minor concerns, like faint and sporadic sun spots or fine lines, 1-2 peels is generally sufficient to get your skin back to its most beautiful spot and wrinkle-free state! But for more moderate to severe concerns, 3-4 consecutive treatments is standard.

Peels remove dead skin cells thus promoting skin cell turnover, which means newer, brighter, and smoother skin. However, not all peels can be treated equal when it comes to turning back the clock. It’s important to always consult with a highly knowledgeable medical professional to determine what peel is best for your skin concerns and goals.

2. They Can Treat Acne and Acne Scars
When used in conjunction with effective products and/or medication, peels can be great for clearing up acne and acne scars. Peels containing salicylic acid and lactic acids are most commonly used to treat acne while Alpha-hydroxy and glycolic peels are also safe and effective. Peels containing any of these acids will exfoliate the dead skin, thus unclogging pores and gently relieving inflammation.

There are tons of acne-focused chemical peels out there but our current favorite is PCA Detox Peel.

*Containing an array of acids including Vitamin A, Salicylic, Kojic, Phytic, and Lactic, it can be quite helpful to patients with inflammatory acne. On top of that, it also aids in reducing hyperpigmentation (darkening of the skin). ???

3. They’re Affordable
We don’t recommend using coupon or deal websites when booking chemical peels (or any medical aesthetic treatments for that matter). But don’t worry, peels aren’t frighteningly expensive. Our peels start at $75.

Results are usually long-lasting too! You don’t have to worry about more than just a few consecutive peels to achieve the results you’re looking for and don’t have to stress over routine appointments either.

4. They’re Quick and Painless
Most peels only require a 30-minute appointment and application is super easy too. Your skin will be thoroughly cleaned and often prepped with alcohol. Then, the peel is applied. You’ll leave with the peel on your face but in most cases, it’s almost invisible so you can go about your daily routine.

As long as you’re okay with the way you look during the peeling process (which can last 3-4 days), there’s no reason you can’t carry on with life per usual after being treated with a peel.

5. There’s a Peel for Everyone
Chemical peels are beneficial for all skin types, including:
sun damage, age spots, acne-proned skin, acne scarring, texture, fine lines, wrinkles, and pore size because it really rejuvenates the skin by turning over the cells.

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