Microneedling: The Next Big Thing


Let’s be honest, we all want clear, glowing skin that looks like we have been diffused by an Instagram filter in real life. But what are we willing to do to get it? For many, sticking tiny needles in their face is one option, and although the idea of it initially sounds scary, the glowing results are hard to ignore. So, for anyone interested in taking the prickly plunge, here’s all you need to know about professional microneedling.

What is it?

Microneedling is a beauty procedure where tiny needles on either a roller or a pen poke the top layer of your skin, creating little holes that allow products to better absorb into the skin. Microneedling also promotes the stimulation of collagen, often referred to the “glue” that holds our body together, giving it structure and strength.

Who are the ideal candidates for microneedling?

Microneedling is perfect for people of all ages and ethnicities who want to diminish scars, reduce pore size, and improve overall skin quality. It can also be done to eliminate stretch marks, treat alopecia, and help with wrinkles and fine lines.

Does it hurt?

Most people who have experienced the procedure say it felt, at worst, uncomfortable, but some offices manage the pain by applying topical numbing gel on the skin beforehand.

How soon can you see results?

Like facials or microdermabrasion sessions, to get the best results, you’ll have to commit to more than one session. It’s usually recommended to do multiple professional treatments over a three- to six month period.

How much does it cost?

The price of one treatment varies and can run from as low as $150 to as much as $700+ per session. Since multiple sessions are recommended, most offices offer discounts if you purchase a package up-front.


Darline Nguyen