At Urban You, we don't think anything should get in the way with your you-time. That's why we're passionate about our affordable luxury. The monthly memberships at Urban You are customizable to fit your best interests, and give you your moneys worth at Urban You. What are the benefits of a membership? With an "All in" membership you can pick four monthly services out of our fluff bar service, high-end nail design, medical spa, ad standard lash fill. Or you can choose two monthly services out of hydrafacial MD, PSA peel, hydration boosted hydrafacial, and hand rejuvenation peel. In addition to those options, the "All in" membership gives you access to additional discounts. If you do not want to start right off the bat with the "All in" membership we have two other options that you can start of with, that include similar benefits. The benefits to the memberships are endless to make you feel as though YOU belong here.