UY Bride Guide: Botox

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What does BOTOX® do?

BOTOX® will help you smooth out worry areas in various areas of your face, and get you looking fabulous for your big day! No RBF in sight ;]

This treatment can help freshen up the face, and temporarily reduce the appearance of lines. It can also help with deep wrinkles that noticeable when making facial expressions!

What is BOTOX®?

BOTOX®  is a nonsurgical, injectable treatment performed in one of our treatment rooms by a healthcare professional. It has been around for many years, and is known as one of the most effective wrinkle treatments on the market.

Is BOTOX® for me?

BOTOX® has many amazing benefits and is an incredibly versatile treatment. In addition to fine lines and wrinkles, a “gummy smile” can be treated with BOTOX®! If you’re looking for your best smile on your big day, BOTOX® can help lower the lip so that it covers more of the gum area. Improve facial symmetry and help soften the jawline. This stuff is seriously magic! BOTOX® can even help lower a curious eyebrow.

couples getting botox

 BOTOX® with your beau!

Men and women from the ages of 25-65 consider these treatments.

Remember, BOTOX® is temporary and can be as subtle or as dramatic as you desire!

Schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our experienced Injectors to develop a custom treatment plan. Consider treating fine lines and wrinkles and ask about any of the following concerning areas.

 Injector Spotlight

The Urban You BOTOX® Babes

Terry Selgo, Master Chief Injectionist

Terry Selgo, R.N.

Terry carries 14 years of advanced injection technique experience. She is one of the most proficient, and recognizable injectors in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

She has perfect the art of facial transformation using injectables such as Botox® Cosmetic, Juvéderm®, Voluma®, and Kybella®. Terry is passionate about providing her clients with genuine care and attention to aesthetic detail. She will make you feel at ease with her warm demeanor and consultative skills.

Jessica Parm Injectionist

 Jessica Parma, R.N.

Jessica has been a nurse for over 13 years with a background in interventional radiology and plastic surgery.  Jessica has trained under Terry Selgo, and takes deep pride in helping clients achieve their personal best!

Ashley Reppuhn Injectionist

Ashley Reppuhn, R.N.

Ashley has spent 20 years in the medical field and has a profound love for Medical Aesthetics. Ashley is brimming with medical spa knowledge and can answer all of your questions cohesively and concisely in order to ensure your injectable goals are met.