Make it a Date: The Importance of Bonding

Research shows that people who have healthy relationships are happier and live longer.

Do you find yourself making excuses to not go out with your significant other? It’s normal for everyone to be too busy from time to time, but when you don’t devote one-on-one time to your partner you could really hurt your relationship.

couple spending quality time with each other

Putting time aside for a date night once in a while helps keep things fresh and reinforces the friendship between you and your partner. Friendship is the factor that keeps the interest going strong long after you say “I Do”.

Date night doesn’t have to mean spending a lot of money on each other. It could mean setting time apart and going on a walk or watching the sunset, both are free and are wonderful options for having thoughtful conversation.

An area where date night could lead to added stress is deciding on who plans date night and what you’re going to do. The last thing you want to do is create more stress when this is an opportunity to unwind. One solution to this is to set a budget and let each of you take turns making the plans. Another solution is to make every date over drinks/dinner and have a few places you cycle through so you don’t get bored of their options.

The key is to agree on something you both want to do.

The same could be said for nurturing friendships, too. The older we get the less time we spend with our friends because we have more responsibilities. The problem with this is that friendships become even more important as we age. Friends are a source of support for people who might not be in a relationship.

Activities to do with your Partner/Friends

  • Get dinner and/or drinks at your favorite local spot

  • Make a trip to Grand Haven to watch the sunset and walk the beach

  • Decide on a new recipe together and make dinner with each other

  • Watch a movie

  • Relax with a couples facial/massages

  • Go to a concert

  • Mani/pedi

  • Get brunch

  • Binge watch a new series on Netflix

  • Get Botox with each other

Start planning your next date night or girl’s weekend!