Humans of Urban You #7

Urban You is excited to present our Humans of Urban You client spotlight, in an effort to be transparent and to share with you who we are, and more importantly - who makes us what we are!

Aligning with our mantra “Trends live here, YOU belong here”, our amazing clients come from all different backgrounds and utilize many of our services. You'll meet them and hear about their experiences with the #humansofurbanyou project.

Once a month we will showcase one of our amazing clients, keep an eye out for socials and look for our emails in your inbox!

zac grey is a male influencer for urban you

We are pleased to introduce to you, Zac Greyson!

UY: Describe yourself in three words:
A: Positive, charismatic, loyal

What do you do for a living?

I currently tour with a group called Magic Men Live who is currently starting a residency in Hollywood. It is a fun filled ladies night out that lets you escape reality while enjoying a high energy show with out of this world choreography and production…….oh yeah! How could I forget the half naked men.

What would be your DREAM vacation?
I do not really have one dream vacation in particular. This is because I would love to travel the world and experience different cultures and activities.  This could include things like snowboarding in the Swiss Alps and surfing along the Bahama islands to experiencing and African Safari and trying the unique foods and traditions in Thailand.  

What do you love about Grand Rapids? How long have you lived in the area?
I LOVE Grand Rapids. I have lived here my whole life. The reason I love Grand Rapids is not only because my family and loved ones are here but because West Michigan provides nature and scenery that you can not find anywhere else in the U.S. I have traveled to every single state in the mainland of the U.S. and West Michigan is hands down has one of the best summers you could ask for.

Which services have you gotten at Urban You?
I got CoolSculpting earlier this year. It was a great experience and it helped decrease the fat in my problem areas.

Which services do you want to try at Urban You?
Urban You has SO many options for services. Many of the medical spa services and facials seem to work very well for people that I know who go to Urban You.

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