Humans of Urban You #4

Urban You is excited to present our Humans of Urban You client spotlight, in an effort to be transparent and to share with you who we are, and more importantly - who makes us what we are!

Aligning with our mantra “Trends live here, YOU belong here”, our amazing clients come from all different backgrounds and utilize many of our services. You'll meet them and hear about their experiences with the #humansofurbanyou project.

Once a month we will showcase one of our amazing clients, keep an eye out for socials and look for our emails in your inbox!

Laurel is an artist who creates her own art and teaches it. Her favorite services at Urban You are dip nail manicures and facials.

We are pleased to introduce to you, LAUREL!

UY: Describe yourself in three words:
A: Messy, artist, I think people think I’m eccentric.

What do you do for a living? Or tell us about any passion projects!
I make art and teach it. I work mostly in my own studio as a fine artist. Two days a week, I teach high school drawing and painting at Sacred Heart Academy. You can see my work at Dime & Regal (on Wealthy, just down a little bit from Urban You!), and follow me @laureldugan on Instagram.

I’ve always wanted to be everyone’s crazy aunt. If I had a million dollars, I would take my own children and nieces and nephews and everyone else on adventures around the world. Have you ever seen Auntie Mame? Like her.

DREAM vacation or person to meet?
Take year (at least) and travel the world…stay in people’s homes and learn their cultures and ways that life is different and the same from mine in the US.

What do you love about Grand Rapids? How long have you lived in the area?
Its accessibility. It has a lot of the amenities of a bigger city, but without the expense and with free/low cost parking!

What services do you love at Urban You?

Dip nails. I’ve never had such pretty hands before I started getting dip manicures at UY. I’m never going back to regular nail polish. (As a painter, I really use my hands all the time, and my nails still look perfect. It’s amazing.) I also love the facials. And I just love going there. It’s an oasis in my busy life.

I also have a membership at Urban You. My favorite part of the membership is that it allows me to guiltlessly take care of myself—particularly my skin—as I age. (Gulp.)

Which services do you want to try at Urban You?
Lash extensions. They transform your face. I think I’ll give them a try.

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