7 Days Of Simple Exercises To Introduce Your Body To Daily Exercise


In a perfect world, grocery store hopping and driving would burn the most calories. Unfortunately, in this cruel real world of reality, running errands is not enough to stay toned and fit. During Urban You’s Healthy You Week, we have created a list of 7 exercises that you can try at home, each within 10 minutes, that will make significant results in toning your body. Just think about it! You spend 10 minutes a day at least on facebook and social media, try training your body to use that gap of time to exercise a bit. Tell yourself that you love exercising and that doing an ab workout is a great way to relax. Trust us, the brain is easier to convince than you may believe. Think overly optimistic this week, and let us know if these 7 exercises helped you.


  1. 50 situps. Take your time.

  2. 100 squats. Bring your music.

  3. Ballet Beautiful Ballet arms workout- find it on Youtube and follow along for 10 minutes worth of the video. A guaranteed lean arm strengthener without any bulk or weights required.

  4. Jog for 15 minutes with a friend on a cool morning. Let the little animals scurrying across the pavement motivate you.

  5. Stretch and watch Xits “muffin top melter” video on YouTube. This one is only 8 minutes

  6. Find an Inner thigh workout on Youtube. Follow along for only 10 minutes or as much as you can. This one will hurt, but gives the best results.

  7. Hold a plank for 30 seconds on your center, left, and right sides.


If you followed along with these 7 exercises be sure to reward yourself and come in for a hydrafacial or your favorite urban you treatment because you deserve it!


Intern Urban You