Lip Injections FAQs

Interested in Lip Fillers but have a few questions? Look no further, we are here to answer some common questions and provide a little insight.

Why Lip Fillers?

As your skin matures, your lips may become thinner and lose their volume. In most cases, we are born with thinner lips.By introducing small quantities of filler, we can enhance your lips by altering their shape and size.

What Are Lip Fillers?

They are a treatment that is meant to make your lips fuller by adding volume to them. The treatment is tailored to each individual based on their facial proportions and requirements.

What Is In Lip Fillers?

Lip Fillers are made from hylaraunic acid, which our bodies produce naturally to maintain moisture.

How Do They Work?

Watch this video to get a little better idea on how the process works!

Will I Have A Natural Look?

The answer is YES! They will look natural and more volumized. We believe in subtle volume changes where it's needed on a case by case basis. We aspire to have a soft natural look that will make a great change in your appearance without it being too drastic.

What Visible Effects Can They Offer?

Lip filler will help enhance your natural lip by altering their shape, volume, or size. Lip fillers can be controlled very easily, and gradually, paving the way for a customized look.

How Long Do Lip Fillers Last?

The duration of your lip fillers can vary as our bodies can metabolize the hylaraunic acid faster in some cases. eneral, you can expect your filler to last at least 6-12 months.


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