Dip Nails

This is a image of how your nails can look after choosing to do the dip nails. They are stunning!

Why should you get dip nails?

Dip nails are the trend that all the beauty gurus have been doing, flooding social media explore pages with this new nail trend. The dips give you the look of acrylic nails without the damage. Dip Powder is the newest and most innovative nail technique that requires no curing whatsoever. The dip powder can last up to eight weeks on natural nails, in contrast to the two weeks you have with gels. The dips are easy and safe when applying and removing.

What is it though?

  • It is the chemical reaction of resins (a sticky flammable organic substance, insoluble in water, exuded by some trees and other plants)to moisture, as opposed to acrylic products, which harden when the monomer interacts chemically with powders.

  • Then, the still-wet nail is dipped into an acrylic powder. This process is usually repeated a couple of times to build up a strong enhancement on the nail.

  • An activator is then applied over the powder to dry the glue and the chemical reaction begins the bonding and hardening process.

  • Finally, the nail is then buffed to shape, and shined. The drying time is a quick two minuets with no light.

  • To remove, simply wrap or soak the nails in acetone.

The process of applying the dips can range from 15 minutes to 45 minutes depending on how long you want them to last, removing is also only a quick 15 minutes from your day. The end product of the dips is very thin and feels like your real nails, there is minimal filing down on your real nails, and The vitamin E and calcium in the powder strengthens your real nails. So don’t hesitate to come into urban you and try out the trend we know you have been dying to see on yourself.