Why MEMBERSHIPS are all the rage in the Digital Age.

Do you love Netflix? Blue Apron? Bark box? 

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As consumers in the digital age all we have to do is google something we’re looking for and it’ll pop up in less than 5 seconds. Customizing your needs to fit your lifestyle has never been easier, and we’ve seen a rise in customization within businesses in the last few years. Netflix was one of the first companies to offer this membership model. Instead of paying for each DVD that you rented you could pay a monthly fee and have an unlimited amount of options to customize what would work for you, and honestly we LOVE it. You can get a monthly membership to just about anything these days. You can get monthly meals in the mail, you can get monthly packages with treats and toys for your pets and even sign up for a monthly assortment of wine! 

We love the freedom we have in being apart of monthly memberships to receive the items we want without spending hours searching for them in a store, and most times you get extra deals for subscribing to a business's membership program. So tell us, what is your favorite membership that you’ve ever had?


Here at Urban You we know life can be busy, that’s why we offer so many services in one spot! Before Urban You you might have had to go to multiple different places for lashes, hair, facials, botox and more but now you can just come to one place for all of those services! Best of all we offer MEMBERSHIPS. If you ever plan on getting even one of the below services in a month ( blowout, lash fill, facial) it’s worth signing up for a membership! For example, if you choose the LOVING ON ME membership ( you pay $125) and you get to choose from either two tier 1 items ( FOR FREE) or one tier 2 item ( FOR FREE). An oxegeno +dermaplaning facial alone is $260 but with the LOVING ON ME membership it’s yours as your free service for the month ( your saving over $140). Members also get special pricing and points added to your account for services purchased! SO CALL NOW and get a membership, we promise it’ll make your life easier than ever before.




We also offer the convenience of being able to book an appointment on our app. Are you laying in bed at midnight and remember you need to get your lashes done before a wedding your attending this weekend? NO PROBLEM, instead of waiting till tmr to book your appointment ( and tossing and turning all night worrying about it), open our app and book you appointment right away with NO HASTLE. Watch our video below to see how easy our app is.